Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

Anguilla Limited
Singapore Limited
Cayman Limited
BVI Limited
Belize Limited
Hong Kong Limited

Seychelles Limited

Seychelles offshore limited companies were introduced in 1994 under the IBC Act. These limited companies are identified as Seychelles offshore companies, like Belize company, for not conducting any of their business in Seychelles and with local residents, not owning any interest in immovable property in The Seychelles, not conducting any banking, insurance or reinsurance business, or bring the registered office for other companies.

The law, however, does not consider an offshore Seychelles limited company to be doing business locally if it keeps meetings, prepares or files its books and records, leases property, has professional relationships in Seychelles or holds debt obligations, treasury bills, shares or securities in any company within Seychelles.

Some of the shares that a Seychelles limited company can issue include voting and non-voting shares, common, preferred and redeemable shares. Options, certain instruments, and warrants can also be issued and securities can be acquired.

When incorporating an offshore Seychelles limited company, names must be carefully chosen since they must not be equivalent or too similar to any other Seychelles limited company. The purpose of this is to prevent customers from being confused by company names and the types of services and products that they provide.

The name of an offshore Seychelles limited company must also not be offensive or suggest any connection with any country or government. Names must end with expressions meaning limited liability company, such as Inc. or Incorporated, Limited or Ltd., but must not include words like ‘Insurance’, ‘Trust’, ‘Chamber of Commerce’, ‘Foundation’, ‘Assurance’ or ‘Imperial’. A Seychelles ltd. company offshore that intends to change its name must do notify the Registrar so that the new name can be approved and registered in place of the former name.

All Seychelles ltd. companies are required to have a Memorandum and Articles of Association in which the objectives, purpose, share capital, initial number of members and framework of the company are stated. The memorandum of a Seychelles limited company, therefore, contains the Seychelles ltd. company name, registered office and agent address and name, a statement pertaining to the number and classes of shares issued, the authorized capital and the rights, powers and restrictions that are tied to issued shares, and rules for governing the transfer, purchase, exchange or sale of company shares.

If the Articles of a Seychelles ltd. company offshore are not deposited along with the memorandum, they are expected to be filed within 30 days of having registered the company. The memorandum and articles of an offshore Seychelles limited company can be written in either French or English, and if written in any other language would require an official translation into any of these languages.

Once all relevant procedures have been satisfied and the Registrar has received all necessary documents, the new Seychelles limited company will be registered. A certificate of incorporation will thus be issued and will serve as evidence of the due registration and legal existence of the newly formed offshore Seychelles limited company.

Once duly registered, a limited company Seychelles is required to keep registers recording the names and addresses of directors, shareholders, the types of shares held, the date on which shares were transferred to specific persons, the date on which any shareholder or director stopped holding such position and on which share certificates were issued etc.

A registered agent and office is required for every Seychelles offshore limited company.

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