Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

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Panama Limited

Panama limited companies offshore are among the best offshore vehicles available for asset protection and mitigating taxes. Increasingly, Panama limited companies are used for trade internationally especially by corporations that are considering Latin America as a new market for exporting goods to or opening factories, shipping lines and stores.

Together with a Panama offshore bank account and foundation, a Panama limited company offshore is capable of producing very desirable results as an offshore entity for privacy and asset protection because of Panama’s sturdy legislation with regard to privacy and legal procedures for creating and managing offshore Panama limited companies. Offshore Panama limited companies are tax exempt on the grounds that none of the income that the company earns comes from within Panama. All active trading activities and income generation must be outside of Panama. Offshore Panama limited companies can however open offshore bank accounts in Panama and consult with local professionals.

A Panama limited company can only be registered with a notary public who assumes the responsibility of getting all necessary paperwork, filing and registering done on behalf of the individual(s) or corporation(s) forming the offshore Panama limited company. All registered representatives for Panama limited companies must be licensed and authorized by the government to operate as offshore service providers. Panama’s electronic registration system makes the incorporation process for Panama ltd. companies offshore much quicker and easier. This makes it possible for large numbers of companies to be processed and speeds up the incorporation time.

According to the Panama corporation Law, Panama limited companies have the power and capacity to undertake legal proceedings, to sue and can be sued, hold, own, buy, sell, transfer, exchange and mortgage personal or real property as the company finds fit. Panama limited companies can also establish their own by-laws in keeping with the Panama Corporation Law and establish rules and guidelines with respect to the appointment and dismissal of officers and directors and for the management of the assets and liabilities of an offshore Panama limited company.

Share certificates are required to be issued to all shareholders of a Panama limited company, stating the class of the share, the share number the date on which the shares were acquired, transferred or sold as the case may be, along with the name and address of the shareholder, such as in the instant of registered shares for which the shareholder’s name must be recorded, whereas is shares are issued to the bearer making them assessable, issuance can only occur when the shares are fully paid.

Any name chosen for an offshore Panama ltd. company must be unique and cannot be a name that already exists on the Mercantile Register of Panama. Names of Panama limited companies cannot be so close to the names of another Panama company that it confuses or may appear to mislead customers. The name of any Panama limited company must also contain the word ‘Corporation’ so as to ensure that the company is immediately identified for the entity that it is and not mistaken for any other legal entity.

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