Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

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Offshore Limited Company Formation

With constant developments in telecommunications, offshore limited firm production, like Belize company formation, is increasingly effortless. And as the years progress, offshore services and entities cover a much wider scope of matters that increase the chances to protect assets and accumulate wealth through international trade.

For a country to be referred to as an offshore jurisdiction there must be legislation in place for the registration of offshore limited companies. Due to the nature of how offshore limited company formation occurs, legal professionals are licensed to operate as offshore service providers. These providers who take care of offshore limited company formation are usually referred to registered agents and are by law required to operate within the jurisdiction; that is, to be based in the jurisdiction itself.

Registered agents collaborate with the local registry and necessary authorities on behalf of their customers and ensure that offshore limited company formation goes through flawlessly. This includes giving customers all necessary information and guidelines, informing them about the restrictions and powers of their offshore limited companies and the documents and forms of identification that need to be submitted for offshore limited company formation.

Some of the documents that are prepared through the registered agent are memorandum and articles as well as registered (director and shareholder registers). Memorandum and articles are essential for offshore limited company formation and are to be submitted to the registrar of the jurisdiction before an offshore limited company can be registered. The memorandum and articles must be written in accordance with the law and once signed, sealed and approved by the registrar, signifies that the offshore limited company has been constituted. Registration takes place in offshore limited company formation when the name of the offshore limited company is recorded in the jurisdiction’s register of companies. Offshore limited company formation can be said to be duly constituted and registered.

Most jurisdictions allow offshore limited company formation to be done by one director and shareholder of the company and at least one person must first subscribe to the memorandum and articles with a witness. After having formed the offshore limited company, other directors and shareholders can be added but notice of these changes must be transmitted to the registered agent who will inform the registrar so that the changes can be formalized and made effective legally. Information about these changes is also needed so that the agent can be aware of fundamental amendments made to the company’ structure since offshore limited company formation.

In offshore limited company formation, jurisdictions allow offshore companies to issue their shares in any currency, being mindful that these companies are located all over the world and will need to trade in the currency of the country in which they are based. Offshore limited company formation does not discriminate against race or nationality but has strict rules concerning the persons who qualify to register an offshore limited company and require that due diligence be done in accordance with international know your client (KYC) rules and guidelines.

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