Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

Anguilla Limited
Singapore Limited
Cayman Limited
BVI Limited
Belize Limited
Hong Kong Limited

Nevis Limited

Nevis limited companies are independent legal entities with rights and powers that are separate from those of their members and shareholders. Some of the powers and capacities of the Nevis limited company include suing (and being sued), selling, transferring mortgaging, leasing or exchanging its real property; purchasing, subscribing for, holding, selling and transferring shares, bonds and other securities, interests or obligations; lending money, investing and reinvestment and holding personal or real property as securities from debtors; writing contracts, borrowing money, incurring liabilities and issuing bonds, notes and other securities in whichever currency the company chooses, making public donations, electing and dismissing officers and managing directors and being a partner, manager or owner of another corporation, trust or partnership.

All offshore Nevis limited companies are required to have a registered agent. Registered agents may decide discontinue their services as the agent of a given company, while Nevis limited companies may opt in turn to do the same. If any such action is taken either on the side of the agent or the Nevis limited company, a notice of this change must be made available to the registrar within the specified time.

Any service of process that is made on the agent of a Nevis limited company must be done via registered mail. Bay law, registered agents are required to inform the company involved of having been served with process either by personal notification or other reliable means of telecommunication and must make a copy of the document available to the company. All registered agents providing offshore services within the island of Nevis to Nevis limited companies must have a capital of no less than USD 500,000 and be employed as a practicing barrister or solicitor. Before operating on behalf of any Nevis limited company offshore, a license must be issued by the Minister responsible.

To be incorporated, a name must be given to any Nevis ltd. company. The name has to be reserved and a name ending like limited, incorporated or corporation, indicating that the offshore Nevis company has limited liability must be chosen. If a customer intends to incorporate a Nevis company limited in the near future, an application can be made to the Registrar through the registered agent to reserve a name. The application for name reservation must state the applicant’s name and address, the name in which the certificate of name reservation has to be issued and the reason(s) making the application must be given as well.

The memorandum and articles of incorporation of a Nevis limited company are essential to its constitution and management during the course of operations. As a means to formally establish the name, purpose and legal structure of a Nevis ltd. company, the articles are expected to state the company’s name, duration (with provisions for succession and perpetuity where applicable), name and address of the registered agent, number of shares issued at time of incorporation and the authorized capital, types and classes of shares issued, whether bearer shares are permitted.

Nevis limited companies (offshore companies) are formally known as Nevis Business Corporations. Nevis corporations that are governed by the Banking and Insurance Acts are also subject to the Business Corporation Ordinance, but should any conflict arise, the Banking and Insurance Acts should be consulted and take precedence.

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