Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

Anguilla Limited
Singapore Limited
Cayman Limited
BVI Limited
Belize Limited
Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong Limited

Hong Kong limited companies can be described as international business companies, since they are normal corporate entities that can operate as resident or nonresident Hong Kong companies. Nonresident Hong Kong limited companies function like offshore companies because there are exempt from local taxation and can operate with lower tax liabilities as a result of this. Resident Hong Kong limited companies are on the other subject to taxation in Hong Kong.

Hog Kong limited companies can be formed as limited guarantee companies, companies with unlimited liability or as Hong Kong limited companies (limited by shares). Only one person is required to incorporate a Hong Kong company whether limited by guarantee, shares or is an unlimited Hong Kong company. Like in other jurisdictions, a Hong Kong limited or unlimited company must present its memorandum and articles to the registrar.

Every member of the company must subscribe his or her name and signature to the memorandum and articles before being registered. The memorandum and articles of a Hong Kong limited company must contain the company’s name, address, purpose and objectives, duration (where applicable), share capital (where applicable, since Honk Kong limited by guarantee companies are unable have share capitals) and intended activities. Depending on the interests and intentions of the Hong Kong limited, branches and foreign companies can be established as Hong Kong companies for doing business either in or outside Hong Kong.

Another type of Hong Kong limited that can be registered is the limited partnership, which is formed by two or more persons who come together to undertake a business venture in common. One partner assumes unlimited liability while the others are limited partners because their liability is limited to their contribution to the firm/partnership. This type of Hong Kong limited is not recommended for operations as an offshore company like Belize company simply because of this set up which creates problems with regard to financing and merging or consolidating with other corporations to expand. Unlike Hong Kong limited companies which are required to submit their memorandums, partnerships are to submit a statement stating essential details like the partnership’s name, total capital and share total or each partner, names and addresses of all partners, business objectives, and the date on which business is set to begin. In essence, this statement is similar to the memorandum of a Hong Kong limited company and has the same purpose.

With the exception of bearer shares, A Hong Kong limited is able to issue a variety of shares, to include shares with and without voting rights, preference shares, ordinary shares and redeemable shares. There must be at least one shareholder in a Hong Kong limited and nominee shareholders can be appointed for added privacy. Hong Kong limited companies can issue any number of shares since there is no maximum number of shares that a Hong Kong limited companies can authorize or pay in.

Every Hong Kong limited must submit annual reports, appoint a locally secretary (legal or natural person) and have a registered address in Hong Kong.

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