Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

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Dominica Limited

Dominica limited company refers to the Dominica international business company which is a company with limited liability and offers many advantages to its members. As a haven for incorporating offshore companies, like Belize company, Dominica is one of the most efficient jurisdictions and continues to guarantee offshore customers one hundred percent tax free Dominica limited companies (offshore).

A Dominica limited company must have a registered agent, as customers are unable to work with the registrar when incorporating an offshore limited company in Dominica. Even if choosing to visit Dominica when incorporating, the registered agent is the one who must be appointed to perform all legal transactions and prepare all company documents on behalf of the customer. This is a standard procedure as with all other jurisdictions, and only companies and firms that are licensed to operate as registered agents for offshore Dominica limited companies can go ahead with incorporating a Dominica limited company as offshore service providers. There are strict due diligence and capitalisation standards that registered agents must meet before and during the course of their operation as service providers.

Once a Dominica limited company that is in the process of the being created has filed its memorandum and articles of association with the registry in accordance with the IBC Act of Dominica, the registrar will have the documents registered under a specific number in the companies registry, as the legal formality for registering an Dominica ltd. company. The registrar’s seal and signature will be imprinted on the memorandum and articles and a certificate of incorporation is issued as prima facie evidence that the Dominica limited company has been duly registered and constituted and has become a legally existing entity. Without such formality taking effect, a Dominica limited company, it cannot be said that a Dominica ltd. company has been duly formed.

The issue of names for Dominica limited companies is a very importance one, as the type and content of a name must be carefully considered based on the rules of the IBC Act. For example, a Dominica limited company must not have a name that includes words like government, municipality, royalty, her majesty, chamber of commerce, bank, insurance or building society. Offshore Dominica limited companies are specifically used for trade and therefore are not to operate as banks, insurance or trust companies, which are specifically created under an entirely separate set of laws and are governed by very specific and separate rules. If the company that owns an offshore Dominica limited company wishes to establish an offshore bank or insurance companies, it must contact a registered agent which will provide the necessary assistance.

Offshore banking and insurance operations are totally different from those of a Dominica ltd. company and therefore apply a unique set of requirements and standards. All names for Dominica limited companies must end with a word or abbreviation that means company with limited liability, such as for example, limited, Incorporated, Inc or Sociedad Anónima, S.A.

A Dominica limited company only requires one director and one shareholder to be constituted, and a variety of shares can be issued. The authorized capital must be stated and recorded in the memorandum of the Dominica ltd. company. A Dominica ltd. company offshore can be incorporated within twenty-four hours.

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