Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

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Belize Limited Company

Belize limited company refers to the Belize company which is in its own right a company with limited liability and basically has the main advantages of being tax exempt and entities that can be sued for international trade.

Incorporating an offshore limited company in Belize is a simple process and the procedures are easy to understand. Upon filing and depositing Memorandum and Articles of Association, and all other paperwork that the Registrar of Companies requires, a Belize limited company becomes registered and constituted under the laws of Belize and is able to operate as a Belize offshore limited company.

The Memorandum of a Belize limited company must according to law state the limited company Belize name, provide all relevant particulars of the name and address of the registered office and agent in Belize, as well as the number of shares issued and authorized share capital that the Belize ltd. company offshore has. The currency in which the shares are issued must be stated too, in addition to the objectives, purposes powers, capacities and powers of the Belize limited company offshore.

Before any name that has been chosen for a Belize ltd. company offshore, the registrar must first approve the name for use. If the name chosen for the company is the same as the name of another Belize ltd. company or suggests government or royal patronage, the name will not be approved for registration. When registering a Belize limited company, names should not have words like bank, assurance, chamber of commerce, municipality, Her Majesty, government, crown or royalty. All Belize ltd. company names must, however, end with Limited or Ltd., Incorporated or Inc., Sociedad Anónima or S.A, or any other ending that is accepted under the act to mean company with limited liability.

An offshore limited company in Belize must have a registered address at which all charter documents are filed and mail can be received. Since many registered agents also provide registered office, it is common for registered agents to receive mail, deal with service of process and file and hold copies of all relevant charter documents on behalf of their customers. Additional facilities like virtual office and mail forwarding help to enhance the efficiency and quality of the registered office and agent assistance that are given to Belize limited companies.

Belize limited companies offshore are created to do operate internationally, which is one of the primary reasons for forming an offshore company. But Belize limited companies must not do business in Belize with local residents except if consulting or receiving services from local professionals like lawyers and accountants, or maintaining an office in Belize to conduct its affairs from within Belize. Offshore limited companies Belize are exempt from taxes as long as their sources of income remain outside Belize.

A Belize limited company must only carry on activities that are allowed under the act for international business companies. Business such as banking, insurance, reinsurance and trustee services cannot be provided by Belize ltd. companies. Such services require specific licensing and the application process is entirely different.

A Belize limited company can issue different types of shares, including common shares, preferential shares, voting and non-voting shares, to name a few.

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