Offshore companies are defining components of current international economy.

Anguilla Limited
Singapore Limited
Cayman Limited
BVI Limited
Belize Limited
Hong Kong Limited

Bahamas Limited

Bahamas limited companies that are incorporated for offshore purposes have the same capacities and powers as natural persons. This capacity enables Bahamas limited companies to undertake business freely and engage in legal proceedings under the company’s name. Even though contracts are written by the members of the company, they can be prepared and executed in name of the Bahamas limited company. These capacities and powers can be restricted according to the memorandum and articles by limiting the company’s scope of activities. Additionally, the companies Act prohibits Bahamas limited companies offshore from engaging in any business for which licensing under another Act is required or that is considered illegal.

All Bahamas limited companies offshore must have a registered agent, whose services must be maintained during the entire existence of the company. Registered agents are used for providing incorporation, follow up services and the service of process for Bahamas limited companies. If for any reason a Bahamas offshore limited company wishes to change its registered agent in The Bahamas, it may do so and must make sure that the Registrar is notified about the change.

To become registered in the Bahamas as a Bahamas limited company offshore, it is necessary that the company’s memorandum and articles are correctly prepared and presented to the Registrar for approval. Information that is recorded by the Registrar include the company’s name, the date on which the memorandum was filed and executed, the company’s capital, share division of the capital, the nominal or no par value of the shares, the professions, addresses and names of the first subscribers to the memorandum including the number of shares that the each hold at that point in time, and statement regarding whether the company has unlimited liability, is limited by guarantee or shares.

Once approved, the memorandum and articles of a Bahamas limited company will be signed and sealed by the Registrar himself, who will then register the name of the company in the companies register. The Bahamas ltd. company will be assigned a registration number which will become necessary for identification purposes. A certificate of incorporation is issued as completion of the registration process, providing evidence that The Bahamas limited company has been duly registered and incorporated in The Bahamas and that it legally exists.

Of important of note is the approval process for Bahamas ltd. company names, in that names must first be approved for use before they can be registered. Names of Bahamas ltd. companies must be unique and not be identical or very similar to any other legal entity that has been incorporated or registered in The Bahamas. A Bahamas ltd. company must print its name on bills of exchange, promissory notes, its seal, invoices, advertisements, office signs and notices.

All Bahamas limited companies offshore must issue at least one share. All shares must be assigned a number by which they are to be identified. Shares issued can be shares with nominal, par or no par value. The articles of a Bahamas ltd. offshore company can allow the company to issue a variety of shares so that privileges, rights, conditions and rights can be allocated to these shares as necessary in order to increase or limit the powers of shareholders holding each class or type of share.

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